New CD coming this fall 2017!

For the newest Blue Hippopotamus album, "Crazy Love", the band is collaborating with Caitlin's childhood friend, Laura Petersen, for a sensual visual experience of photos that match the mood of this intimate collection of songs. The CD will contain a 16 page booklet featuring photos of Laura taken by the talented Nate Griffin (@laurapetersen_lp, @kanakanate). 

Caitlin and Laura have been close friends since elementary school in the 80s when they used to do talent shows together (yes, there is embarrassing video of this). As young as they can remember, Caitlin wanted to be a singer and Laura wanted to be a model. Now that they are both moms, they are proving to themselves and others that women can still be serious about their art during motherhood. They are two women supporting and encouraging each other's creativity. Laura who has made a career of modeling, is showing the industry that you do not need to be 20 or childless to be beautiful, express your sexuality and create great work. Caitlin hopes this is the first of many collaborations like this with more friends showing a full range of strength, sensuality and joy. 


Our song "Today Is A New Day" is now the theme song for

Cindy Eyler's New "Manifesting Breakthroughs Level 2: Self-Mastery & Manifesting"!


Caravan has gone over 180,000 views now! Thank you so much everyone!


Caitlin & Chris have a new baby girl!

Della Storm Catherine Mercer

December 28, 2015  7:05am   6lbs 12oz 20in