Music Everywhere (2015 remix)



I long to hug you with my hands and hold you with my words

Hang you in my eyes, walk you through my doors

Pet you with my tongue, laugh inside your bones

Reach into your dreams, drag you through my clothes


And sing into your lips, tangled in my hair

This is how I know you, with Music Everywhere


Resting in alignment, jigsaw against your side

Rock me in your arms, cradle in my thighs


Broken bleeding silence, beads on glowing skin

Fire lights the road, sirens sail you in


Lost in all directions, these aching wounds we bare

This is how you move me, with Music Everywhere


Buried in your heart, locked into your chest

Every perfect moment warm against my breasts


Alive beneath our fingers, this harmony we share

This is how I love you, with Music Everywhere

with Music Everywhere

with Music Everywhere



Produced by Marco Delmar, Recording Arts, Fairfax, VA
Mastered by Bill Wolf, Wolf Productions, Arlington, VA
Caitlin Jaene Mercer - vocals & bass,
Chris Mercer - guitars, Rich Breazzano - drums,  Recorded & mixed at
Recording Arts, Engineered by Marco, Stephanie Milne & Ken Barnum