First tip: get vegucated (watch and look at the videos & pics). We know how hard it is to see what these poor animals go through but those images have a way of turning the grey areas into black and white so that it suddenly feels clear and easy to make compassionate choices.

“We must not refuse to see with our eyes what they must endure with their bodies.”

~ Gretchen Wyler

The next step is to look at your routine: your daily food, body care products, house cleaning products, and your clothes. Then start finding replacements for the non-vegan items. Some people do this very gradually, some people do it overnight - no matter how you do it you'll feel great when you do.

Some of the foods listed here are processed ones. The best foods for your body are raw vegetables, fruits, nuts, and sprouted nuts and grains. Caitlin tries to eat whole/unprocessed foods (some days are better than others!). Chris likes to try every new vegan product he can find (whole or processed). Rob usually eats unprocessed foods and even avoids alcohol and sugar (wow!). So feel free to email us or talk to any of us at a show.

Caitlin recommends using the tasty processed foods as additions to the "real" food your body needs. For example you can make a sandwich with sprouted grain Ezekiel bread (great protein), some raw kale leaves and fresh tomato slices (more "real food") and then to make it extra tasty add some Tofurkey slices and maybe some Vegenaise. Just remember to eat fresh foods and strive to include a variety of veggies and grains and you will feel wonderful. Also eat lightly. Your digestive track can be stressed when you eat more than a cup or two of food at a time.

Another tip - if you have trouble digesting fruit, only eat it on an empty stomach. First thing in the morning is a great time for this and then wait 2 hours after you eat it to start eating other foods. Eating all raw food feels the absolute best (please surf the web for all the wonderful raw recipes and eat as raw as possible any time you can).

Here are some of our favorite vegan foods:













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